The Threes program at GSES provides students with multiple opportunities to learn through joyful discovery and emerging social relationships. Children at this age are interested for the first time in developing friendships and relationships with their peers through playful activities. GSES has a total of 48 students in the Threes program. There are two sections each with 14 students, providing a 1:7 student to teacher ratio. We also offer a 2 Day or 3 Day class option. The need for children to develop healthy social and emotional skills are crucial at this stage which require a lot of adult support, mediation and guidance. Inside the classroom, children enjoy a variety of sensory and art activities, games and toys to develop fine motor, cognitive, math skills and sensory processing skills. Interesting books for developing literacy skills are available in the classroom as well as in the library. Teachers develop and follow weekly lesson plans designed to teach and reinforce important foundational skills in math, reading, science and social studies. The classroom environment changes frequently to provide new activities and interesting materials to keep children engaged and curious. Unique to the threes program is a day away from school at Crowe’s Nest Farm in the springtime. Children, teachers and their families learn how to milk cows, pet goats, enjoy a hay ride, fish and learn about farm animals. The Threes program serves as an additional entry point into the school and we enjoy welcoming new families and students to our school.

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