The Fours program at GSES provides students with multiple opportunities to learn through joyful discovery, hands on projects and strengthening peer relationships. Children at this age are developing deeper friendships and relationships with their peers. GSES has a total of 48 students in the Fours program. There are three sections each with 16 students, providing a 1:8 student to teacher ratio. The need for children to develop healthy social and emotional skills continue to be important as children prepare for success at the elementary level. Adult support, mediation and guidance are essential for children to learn compassion, empathy and self-control. Inside the classroom, children enjoy a variety of sensory and art activities, games and toys to develop fine motor skills, cognitive, math skills and sensory processing skills. Our focus is learning in a play based environment, however, children do engage in pencil and paper activities to develop writing skills. GSES uses the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to teach writing and letter identification. The teachers have multiple resources to provide fun and meaningful learning experiences. Interesting books for developing literacy skills are available in the classroom as well as in the library. Teachers develop and follow weekly lesson plans designed to teach and reinforce important foundational skills in math, reading, science and social studies. The classroom environment changes frequently to provide new themes, activities and interesting materials to keep children engaged and curious. The Fours students spend an hour each day playing outside!

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