Bridging Kindergarten


The Bridging Kindergarten program allows Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students, five and six year old children, time to determine the best class placement for the following school year and beyond. The program is intentionally designed to prepare children for their next grade level which could be Kindergarten or First Grade. Within a play-based, engaging and nurturing environment, this program offers children another year to develop and practice essential skills necessary for lifelong learning success. Specialized learning time is provided to each student and teachers closely monitor each child’s abilities, progress and potential. The program maintains a one to seven student to teacher ratio with three teachers to twenty students. Learning occurs in both small and large groups that include daily, formal, standards-based instruction in reading, writing, math and handwriting.

To learn more about the Bridging Kindergarten program and to schedule a tour of the school, please contact Catherine Granger at