The Threes Team


Mary Morgan - Lead Teacher

“I am now teaching a second generation of GSES children! The opportunity to teach the children whose parents I taught is a true gift I hold close to my heart.”

Mrs. Morgan is entering her 39th year teaching at GSES! Mrs. Morgan started as a substitute and assistant teacher at Good Shepherd in 1978 and became a lead teacher in the threes program in the fall of 1980.  She has a degree in English with a minor in Latin and holds a teacher certification in grades 1 through 12. Mrs. Morgan is a wealth of knowledge regarding the development of young children and what they need to grow and learn. Mrs. Morgan is an invaluable resource to her peers who are always turning to her her for advice, knowledge and perspective in all areas of child development and early education. Mrs. Morgan has two grown children, Robert and Rebecca she enjoys spending time with them as much as possible. In her free time, Mrs. Morgan enjoys, walking, reading, music and planning for creative lessons and activities for her students.


Helen Windham - Lead Teacher

“The 31 years (and counting) I have spent at GSES show the love and commitment I have to the children, families, and staff. GSES is the best preschool ever!”

Mrs. Windham joined the GSES family in 1988 as a 5-Day Threes Lead Teacher and has remained ever since. She has a degree in Education with Kindergarten certification from Texas State University. Mrs. Windham grew up in Uvalde, Texas - a place she still enjoys with family today. She has two children and six grandchildren. Before arriving at GSES, Mrs. Windham taught first grade and Kindergarten in the Aldine, Katy, and Austin school districts. In addition to Threes Lead Teacher, she also serves as the Director of Special Programs which includes Before School Care and After School Enrichment Programs (ASEP). Mrs. Windham enjoys various activities with her grandchildren and her little dog, Pippa!

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Anthe Gimenez - Lead Teacher

“I love the closeness of the staff and teachers-we love what we do and we love to be together.”

Mrs. Gimenez joined the GSES community in 2004. She loves young children because of their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. She especially enjoys seing the childrens’ faces light up when they acheive something - to her it is just magical! Mrs. Gimenez has a B.A. in Child Studies/Language Development from Southwestern University in Georgetown. She also earned a Masters in Education from the University of Houston. Prior to GSES, Mrs. Gimenez taught four-year-old children for ten years and spent one year as a Kindergarten assistant at The Children’s Greenhouse in Houston. She was also the director of the Child Enrichment Center at Holy Spirit Episcopal School in Houston, Texas for two years. Mrs. Gimenez enjoys spa days, road trips through the hill country and shopping in her free time.


Becka Swift - 3-Day Assistant Teacher

“It is amazing to experience the pure joy of learning during this special year in the Threes classroom”

After her own children graduated from GSES, Mrs. Swift started working as a substitute teacher and quickly fell in love with the children, staff and community. She joined the Good Shepherd family in 2014 as a Threes Assistant Teacher. Mrs. Swift has a B.A. from Creighton University and a M.Ed. from the University of Texas. Before GSES, she worked for 10 years at 3M managing their on-site Employee Wellness Program and working in HR and Talent Management. In her free time, she loves watching her daughters play volleyball, basketball and lacrosse. She also enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with family and friends.


Jennifer Mohn - 2 Day Assistant Teacher

“GSES is such a special place - it's an extended family, not just a school. I love the children - it is truly a privilege to be able to see the world through their eyes.”

Mrs. Mohn joined the GSES family in 2007. She and her husband Jonathan have been married for 26 years and are the proud parents of two sons, both GSES alumni. Mrs. Mohn assists Mrs. Morgan on Tuesdays and Thursdays with classroom planning and day to day needs. They work closely together to help the children develop a joy of learning, compassion for one another, and the skills they will need to live successfully in the world. Mrs. Mohn loves to cook, travel and read. She also enjoys making quilts and spending time with her family.

Tish Miller - Assistant Teacher

“I look forward to seeing the children at GSES every morning with a song in my heart.”

Tish joined the GSES community first as a parent, then as a substitute teacher in 2006 and finally an assistant teacher in 2011. She supports the lead teacher in any way that is needed for the success of the program. Tish attended the University of Virginia where she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education (birth - 3rd grade). Tish taught Kindergarten and Second Grade in the Austin Independent School District for over twenty years. She also taught at a Head Start School for five years in Beaumont, Texas. Tish grew up in Lexington, a small college town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Tish has a wonderful daughter who attends college in Virginia. In her free-time, Tish enjoys spending time with friends, walking her dog, and also works a second job at ACL Moody Theater.


Jo Dominguez - Assistant Teacher

I love working at GSES! Everyone is so welcoming and nice. Our parents are very considerate and lovely children. I look forward to working with Mrs. Windham every day.”

Mrs. Dominguez joined the GSES community in 2017. She grew up in Harlow, Essex in South-East England and moved to Austin in 1997. Mrs. Dominguez and her husband Rick, have two children Liam (15) and Kelsey (21), who also works at GSES! Mrs. Dominguez attended Harlow College in England where she earned a degree in business and tourism. Mrs. Dominguez supports the lead teacher by preparing theme related art projects. She strives to motivate and stimulate children’s learning abilities and ensuring the health, safety and well being of the children. In her freetime, Mrs. Dominguez enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies and taking trips to the coast.